Event & change logging for the DarkPi MeshNet, NuneCo, and the Kaelar Family.

# 2020.11.19
...having spent my week grappling with process, it reaches a point where defining it for others seems natural, thus it follows:

My morning begins with something vaguely probiotic.

Cheese is a frequent candidate, although kifer is the preferred.  
Kombucha is more like high-octane catalyst, best saved for noon.  
Yogurt can be too heavy, and kimchi is too spicy too early (try with eggs, mebbe?).

Tea from dandelions, for my liver mainly, has additional properties aiding in energy and awareness.  
If there's stability of the innerds for swallowing food, breakfast and medication are had. Otherwise, it's a bit of a wait.

On some mornings, washing my face, flossing & brushing my teeth.  
On good mornings, a shower (warm water, wash hair with conditioner, scrubbing with exfoliating gloves, soap where necessary for sanitation).  

Identify chunks of time for work (by clustering life/social responsibilities, task delegation & pruning, etc).  
My cycle is 90 minutes, with a 10 minute context switching period between.  

Having a minimum of three cycles, allowing one to be spent planning, one to be spent executing, and one spent on analysis & documentation of results.  
When this unit of time (appx 300 minutes, or 5 hours) has completed, an unstructured break is planned.  
Restarting the unit of 3 90s once the break is 'complete', although identifying this state is far more difficult than defining the process.

Functionally, this becomes one unit before lunch.
During lunch, helping my partner with their beginning-of-day necessities, and bringing them their breakfast.  
After lunch, another unit. Snacks interspersed throughout to maintain energy.  

Generally interrupted every hour once others are up for the day, though periods of three or more hours can pass at times.  
Each interruption is a microcosm of the process (plan, lift, recover), but functionally each part of the process coincides with parts of others. Physically lifting of things too heavy for others are simultaneously rest periods for programming and plan periods for the physical desk space.  
Occyping hands with a pre-planned task while the mind scouts ahead, enabling body to follow the path.

There's nuance here that deserves calling out.


First, that this is intentionally aligned with the natural 90 minute cycle of the human body.

My privilege has allowed a workspace where external light falls, and the coincidence of the circardian rhythmn and my work cycle start is an intentional feature.  
Working into the night, my display is adjusted with redshift (a color-temp adjuster for computer screens), which begins the wind-down on a physical level, and my last cycle must be considered around the day's needs.

While caring for the needs of others does interrupt, and often, music can help compartmentalize enough that focus on a project can be sustained.

A physical 90 minute time is used, and process around the intervening minutes (approximately 10) is loose aside from "do something else for a minute, make sure you stand up" etc.


Next, that this process is oriented around kinesthetic interactions...planning on paper, transferring to digital form during the build, and processed in the post-build each time.

The computer is often what slows down progress the most, in these current forms, and in some way or another eliminating this, and delivering on the potential personal process advancements possible through these silicon friends is the long-term goal.


Still next, is the process towards more efficient containers.

Currently writing this from a laptop, although the tablet would be more efficient, this system allows me to do more than one thing effectively (eg, edit a system in multiple ways at the same time towards an intersecting goal) and provides a testbed for things before putting their load onto shared resources.
The laptop publishes to the family server, which is a bit of a pet, costing us a few dollars per month for a stable self-managed resource. The server acts as the bridge to our private networks when we're remotely connecting, and gives us a place to publish things, like this changelog.  
The family server pulls software from the public server, @functions.sh, which in turn is pushed to from the laptop.

The workstation is getting repairs, and it's been more and more rare that our workflow needs it.

The pair to our workhorse server, the workstation is built for compiling large things, like git.  
Currently the staging server is being used to host collaborative games. More on that later.  


Each step is a pivot towards something more efficient.

Stripping out the rot from around useful bits of older, larger systems, and automating their individual pieces for use and reuse elsewhere in the stack.  
Time, spent offline, puzzling out the kinesthetics of later interfaces, to define goals around hardware dimensions, which dictates the limits of software design.

Sketching half-maps, realizing an overlap, and beginning again.

This process is constant, and leaves much of the tech unpowered much of the time.

...if for no other reason than to quell the whining of the cooling systems!

# 2020.10.30
> chatreview

It felt like less than an hour, but it felt like I cleared several invisble thresholds regarding career today.

Ragnorak checkup was cleaner than expected, the rattling may be coming from the bumper.
A shop for the frontend drivetrain work was recommended, so there's progress.

An administrative assistant is being integrated into our processes, and it's good and anxiety-inducing and hopeful and weird.

The interview was good, but anxiety sinks teeth deeply into me.

Perhaps a distraction is in order.

# 2020.10.22
> nonverbal

it's been two days of nonverbal, and it's just...still too much to use auditory communication.

tired of life, tired of fighting ideation and housing and healthcare and trying to regain some measure of livlihood and dignity.
tired of life.

tired of life.

# 2020.10.18
> recalculating

Ethics council member called with a request for action.
We're taking it under advisement.

Walked a bunch.
Bike ride to the store for grocery-adjacent things.
Reaching out, not sure what the point is.


Really, really tired.

13 days left.

# 2020.10.17
> stationary modified anxiety attacks

Mostly waiting and making plans.

Anxiety surge.

Everyone in the collective is short on spoons.

# 2020.10.16
> recalculating

Our housing officially fell through today.

The clock is back at two weeks of survival.

This is fine.

# 2020.10.15
> imaging

We were on track, and then there was a Karen.

We had our first family medical imaging appointment.  
It was a rough start, and then we had to clean up a mess that should have been the responsibility of the clinic office.

Then i/we went out, intending to chat with a friendly.  
Biking towards the park, saw people running across the road, hearing screaming, and someone said "they're trapped under the car...!".  
Four or five of us jumped in to help the two people straining to keep the vehicle from crushing the person's head, and it was all over in a moment.  
Their face was cut, but they were still moving and talking, so I moved away to keep from making more chaos around them.

Humans are fragile, but we help one another.

# 2020.10.14
> recalculating

Some conceptual progress on the file structue and repository arrangement, given the restructions imposed by git.  

Cleaned the bottom of the refrigerator.  
Condensed and combined with groceries from Blue.  
Meeting with Greene for Boxanne work confirmed later this week.

Looking forward to having a proper inventory of tools, etc.


Went for a bike ride.  
Dropped my notebook, but didn't notice until arriving at the park.  
Went back for it, had tyre marks but was intact.  
Back to park.

Wrote about things for a bit, then headed back.

Multiple (3-6?) police cars up the street,  
it's in front of the place where the notebook had been scattered.  
Two thin creatures were describing me to the enforcers.  
Rode away shaken, and a bit outraged.

Less than ten minute response time, if the mental math is correct.

In all fairness, I was on my bicyle.  
There's an upended wooden stool grafted into the backend with white and orange twine, with an oversized seat and a rear mudflap made from thick grey plastic.  
Had my tails on, too.  
My jacket is formless and has a hood, and is dark coloured.  
But I was on the street.  
Never even approached the sidewalk.  
There was nothing that I did, picking up paper from the street, that could be construed as harm, threat, or offense.

Just existing is enough for someone to wish armed force to be deployed against me in this neighborhood.
It's rattling.  
It's a frustratingly rapid response and high turnout, given the [many](https://www.reddit.com/r/Portland/comments/jaclxp/portland_cops_arent_doing_their_jobs/) who wait and wait while violent aggression is reported against them in this city.  


Someone reminded me that legacies are created one action at a time.  

If those actions are consistent over time, they become routine, or at least habit.  
When a lifetime is full of seeking trajectories that pursue goals which align with one's core values,  
it perhaps becomes a pleasant projection in the beholder's thoughts.

however, one never knows what becomes of their efforts.

Only future generations will know.

# 2020.10.13
> redrafting & defining

trying to get the aide template hacked together.
...housing call is not happening today, it would seem.

Too little planning, too late in the day.


New term for the concept-diagram process: splat.

It was an emergent term, used in the moment to describe a clipboard full of need-for-help diagramming & words.

Here's a splat of the concept.
Did you splat your thoughts on the meeting?
How many splats does it take to communicate the concept to a pair of engineers?

Unsure where this is going, but a contributor has offered help with the template process, and using this term seemed to make a lot of sense with them.

# 2020.10.12
> overwhelmed

overwhelmed by life responsibilities.

too many phone calls, scenarios, things to hold in my head.

fragments, falling, future-loss that will bite me and harm me but too much for dealing within the now...

...exhausted from always being a half step away from this.

Everything is stretched thin to bursting.

help me, pretty please?

# 2020.10.11
> rest & organization

Time spent with needle in hand is more restful than touching a keyboard, these days.

Did a hack job on my hair today.
Another coop member helped trim it up a bit, but removing the fork tickling my ears was accomplished first.

The unconcious weight lifted is a sense of euphoria, at least at first.

Then again, any non-painful change these days is a relief.

# 2020.09.26
> wobbles

Having nonverbal periods with increasing frequency.
Much happening in the headspace, just lacking energy to articulate, especially verbally.
Churn, churn, churn.

Using Factorio as a benchmark for executive functioning works up to a point, but the specialized challenges of the limited environment do not accurately represent my/our functional ability to do non-digital tasking.
As a rough idea for how close to burning out i/we are, it works relatively well, but is imprecise when functioning for observation and analysis aren't present.

Sometimes, it's easier to just start over.

# 2020.09.25
> chaos, exhaustion

"neutrality during injustice is oppression"

~ Desmond Tutu, paraphrased

# 2020.09.17
> rest

Woke at dawn.
Stumbled to the latrine, then back to bed.

Woke at noon. Showered, somewhat dazed.

Tool purchases, Boxanne work, and then another shower.
Tonight's meeting has passed one hundred minutes.

Very little is still being done,
but as things settle in,
there's a moment to document.

Tomorrow is paperwork and preparations.
Possibly, a load to Boxanne, and a sleepover.

The next day might involve downtime, possibly with water to swim.

We shall see.


Confirmed that the vinyl stuff, and even some of the paint, is removeable with a tile scraper. Greene's collective has saved us a substantial fee and loaned tools, so we've offered material transportation credits as compensation. Estimate 2-3 days of work to prepare the surface to be primed, and masking/scouring for priming will take another 2-3 days.

While often back-burnered, this project is never truly "on ice" as it were. Even today, scribblings toward the bridge-connected security system for Boxanne were made, though nothing electronic was altered to manifest the paper decision. Current manually-configured systems are stable, but stuck, and need 2-3 days of work to progress towards automated pieces (read:efficiency) replacing manual processes (read:bottlenecks), specifically in the path of this changelog from repository to publication.

# 2020.09.04
> reading, reflection, and reorganization

Sitting in Boxanne, reading a book from over a hundred years ago that has direct application in the current events in my city.

For centuries, the same problem, identified and belabored by theory, has been ignored by systems of power. This ignorance has bred fascism, among other isms, and that problem is the heirarchy of means.

The first means is the means of survival.

This means you've food, regardless of source, and shelter enough (though the exact line of "enough" will be debated endlessly, one may be certain).

The second means is means of production, and this like the first has been belaboured muchly by theory and industry.

The third means is means to produce the means of production, and it is subtle and raw in many forms.

In some cases, this is simply an environment to work and rest.  
As observed by today's book, without room to self-repair, the worker is without their full toolset, which though often forgot begins in the worker's body.  

In other cases, it is specialized tools, for the crafting of precision parts, but all industrial progress can be described with similar words.
So, similarly, can it be the mind, to envision for the manifestation by others, via art rendering, schematic, or process.

For every means of production, there are many methods to maintain or create that means, but they are not often known outside the communities of workers who actually repair the engines of industry.

For some, a pincer or a wrench will do, and time balances against toolset and resources for the end result. Given enough time, and boredom, most of us can be persuaded to tinker almost endlessly.

Means of means of production is the process, physical resources, and environment necessary for creating a node of self-sustaining, self-improving industry, for a given niche/subsector.

# 2020.09.02
> retrospection & recovery

There's a lot of file sorting that needs to happen.

Our group engineer and design/accessability lead are scheduled to meet within the week or two next and merge the three differing org filing systems. The current merge is three people's personal files mixed with several different organization microcosms, and all told it's still little enough that a single room suffices for the sorting.

Three of us focusing on the task, or perhaps one more if we're fortunate, will make short work of it, and setting a trajectory now is important for long term antifragility.

Meanwhile, on the digital side, we're attempting the same with a network attached storage cluster, but before buying more hardware we're organizing what we've got. There's probably several terrabytes of free space, all combined, but it's in small chunks spread across a dozen machines, and programmatically aiding in the sorting of the existing data is the current focus. Deduplication is a recurring problem, and nested backups in at least one location have caused additional difficulties in recovery management.

Also, right now, there's kinda...no real backup of a lot of this.

So, that's a problem we're going to be addressing.

We're scheduled to start the org merge process...tomorrow.


So, today i/we are looking at the cards that we hold.

Creating a Minetest/Matrix microserver is kinda large in my minds, tbqh.

We need a squad space (thanks https://otherinter.net/squad-wealth/ for the words) that isn't going to evaporate, so that means something digital.

# 2020.08.18
> static

Every one of these timeskips are filled with countless details, portions of the picture that did not make it into the log.

Sometimes, retrospection gives a fragment of the lessons learned, or the progress achieved, into a shareable format.

The core concept of our group is access to viable housing.

Conversation with a friendly this morning produced good news, that our time spent last year bears fruit, and of a growing in kind way. Our friend and mentor, they have spent their pandemic time developing hydroponics compatible with our microhousing structures.

Many of the things we are building, they will need.

We feel the need to move faster, but have time for fewer things, and not all that is felt can be followed.

What is the path of logic?

What helps the most people, and still allows us to survive as well?


Our friend spoke of discerning the static from signals, and the wisdom of knowing when less is more.

There's a lot we've had to withdraw from, for lack of energy and time and space to do analysis of trajectory-modifying events or activities.

We focus intently where we are, but still often feel for others who struggle elsewhere.

Together, we resist.
Together, we rise.

# 2020.08.13
> recalibrating

Week was pretty well planned out, then a teammember had vehicle issues and we started reconsidering our path.

Both of us are focusing on the same side project, and we're in need of focus to get any project to a viably-sustaining place.

The concept, engineering, and business model are all sound, but it all needs to be recorded, tested, schematics drawn, budgets calculated, and the min/ideal/max asks abstracted and presented at least twice before it's "investor ready".

Capitalism forces our hand, and it's a long shot, despite how solid all the numbers are. There's a pandemic on, so investors are skittish, and we're functionally unknown in the sectors we're intersecting with the infrastructure, architecture, and logistics of the plan (as-is).

Perhaps identifying the subject matter experts who could validate our work would be a good step?

More contemplation is necessary.

# 2020.08.05
> lift, running

Half dozen load of laundry.
Dinner through the weekend.
Plant upkeep, garden reorg.

Cooperative resource management outreach day, very tentative.
Tomorrow will be another lift, it's looking like.

fourteen minutes until the next laundry load is done.

That's about how long it takes to find something useful to commit, right?

# 2020.08.02
> rest, planning.

Assessment of this place continues.
Still need to contact the dwelling repair place for an estimate on the door and bedroom slideout.


Neighborly policy seems to be dumping yard waste into the back treeline.
The garbage area is overwhelmed, and would be dangerous for anyone less than fully abled.


Thought about doing laundry (again).
The hurdles of the touchscreen payment interface, the shared space during the pandemic, and the unexpecteds of strangers hasn't pushed me to run my loads.
It's a relief that there's enough machines that loads can be run simultaneously.

# 2020.07.26
> rest
Fixed the internet.

Had to do a factory reset on the router, then fiddle with the wireless settings a bit. Might have been flaky firmware dropping something from some dhcp clients, might have been Comcast testing a MitM attack against Firefox's DNS-over-https implementation, we'll never truly know. The important bit is we are externally connected again, and it's time to...rest.

...and decide where to engage the outside world as stability continues.

Doing some much-needed backups. The SD card errors on the external camera are getting more frequent, so replacing the storage device with a new chip will (hopefully) resolve that worry.

# 2020.07.25
> lift
Boxanne cleanout.

White Hanger (corner) cleanout.

Storage Unit deposits.

Driving home.

# 2020.07.24
> prep
Waiting for utilities connection.

Then debugging utilities connection.

Worksite drive and 3-hour sprint, then some downtime by the river with other free radicals.

# 2020.07.22
> running.



Various consumables.

Finally getting time to think ahead more than a day or two.

Need to get roof repairs for Chariot, stat. Also needs door, awning, window seal, plumbing, runaway brake, and an AC wiring assessment. Also a washer/dryer/dishwasher. And probably furnace repairs. Would also be nice to get a better waste removal cycle going, too. And probably re-leveled (with a slightly rear-ward bias) to avoid AC unit leakage.

Dreadnaught just got transmission repairs, and needs an assessment for additional upkeep.
Boxanne is in the shop, getting ignition, muffler, and brake line repairs. Will definitely need to get a battery maintainer set up, too.
Ragnorak needs frame repairs, strut and/or leafspring replacements, and a laundry list of other routine often-postponed maintenence stuffs.

Shelving and bins for the lab are on the way, along with the 3d printer. Bringing the development environment back online will take some work, but all the pieces are now pretty much in one place.

Laundry is a bit of a pain. The machines are charge, with debit, via a touchscreen interface. During the pandemic.

So, doing a lot of gloved-hand interactions with an annoyingly overcomplex touch interface.

Not a fan. Basic utilities should be free, as should basic food and housing.

# 2020.07.22
... full changelog.md